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Experience true peace of mind with 2 Years of Warranty Direct Protect's most customisable coverage at a $100 Deductible


Coverage Includes - 


1. FRAME: L.P. Mounting bracket, bumper welds, all chassis frame welds, manual lift jacks, latch, lift crank, cables, pulleys, and motor.


2. BRAKE SYSTEM: Master cylinder, hydraulic or electric actuators, wheel cylinders, disc brake caliper, backing plates, clips, and retainers; seals and gaskets.


3. SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Wheel bearings, wheel hubs, spindles, spindle supports, axle shafts, actuators, rubber suspension bushings, coil and leaf springs.


4. RANGE & OVEN: Burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, igniter, heating element, fan, pole motor, power hood, fittings, connections, and the PC board. The following components of the Microwave oven: transformer, magnetron, fan, and PC board.


5. REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER: Thermostat, thermocouple, burner assembly, igniter, cooling unit, fittings, connections and the PC board.


6. HEATING/FURNACE: Thermostat, thermocouple, main gas valve, igniter, burner assembly, blower motor, fittings, connections, and the PC board. Does not include Hydronic Heating Units.


7. AIR CONDITIONING(Roof mounted 110v or CentralAir): Compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer, accumulator, expansion valve, capacitors, heat pump, heat strips, reversing valve, relays, blower motor, blower motor fan, high/low cut o switch, pressurecycling switch, electronic module, thermostat, vent fans.


8. WATER SYSTEM: Water pump, sink(s), sink faucet, shower faucet, shower head, holding tank (s), and their traps, fittings, connections, and gate valves.


9. WASTE SYSTEM: Toilet vacuum breaker, float assembly, ball valve, slide valve, water inlet valve, holding tank, traps, fittings, connections, and gate valves.


10. WATER HEATER: Burner assembly, tank, thermostat, thermocouple, heating element, gas valve, pressure relief valve, electronic ignition,wiring harness, switch and the PC board, andtheir fittings, connections, and gate valves.


11. L.P. GAS SYSTEM: Regulators, valves, gauges, pigtails, fittings, connectors, gas lines, automatic shut off and mounting brackets.


12. FUEL STATION: Fuel pump, fuel nozzle, fuel hose, valves, gauges, gas lines, fuel tank, and mounting brackets.


13. AUXILIARY POWERPLANT/GENERATOR: All internally lubricated parts including pistons, rings, connecting rods and bearings, wrist pins, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft and bearings, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, seats and guides, oil pump, timing chain/belt, tensioner, and guides; seals and gaskets. The engine block, cylinder barrels, and cylinder head only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part.Starter motor, electrical generator, manually operated switches, hour meter, voltage regulator, gauges, PC board, and power converter/inverter. Breaker box(es), breakers, and wiring harnesses for covered components (excluding power cord).


14. HYDRAULIC/ELECTRIC STEP(S): Step motor, gears, linkage, and switch.


15. TAX/FLUIDS/LUBRICANTS: We will reimburse for state and local taxes, necessary fluids, lubricants, and refrigerant to complete covered repairs.


16. Emergency Roadside & Towing


17. Trip Interruption Benefits


18. Food Spoilage


19. Mobile Technician On-Site Coverage


20. Access To The Largest Network Of Mobile Techs In The U.S.A


21. 24/7 Legal Advice Line


Click here to read the full coverage contract book

2 Years Stated Customizable Coverage - $100 Deductible

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