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When purchased and listed on the front of this Agreement, We will pay for
covered breakdowns to; Washer and Dryer: Drive motor, transmission, pulley, heating element,
igniter, main controls, blower and water pump; Dish Washer: Drive motor, pulley, heating element
and water pump; Ice Maker: Condenser, compressor, ejector motor, gears, bearings, thermostat
and relays; In-Sink Disposal: Motor, flywheel, hammer, shredder and power switch; Trash
Compactor: Compactor motor, compacting ram(s) and relays; Central Vacuum Cleaner: Electric
motor, armature and relays; Kitchen Center: (Blender and Food Processor) Electric motor and the
control switches; External Barbecue: Burner, igniter and the control valves; Rear Camera and
Driver Monitor; Factory-Installed Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector.


$550.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
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