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Motorhome Extended Warranty 

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Warranty Direct Protect's Motorhome Extended Warranty

Embarking on adventures in your motorhome is a dream come true. But what about protecting your home on wheels? Warranty Direct Protect offers comprehensive extended warranty plans tailored for motorhomes, ensuring your journeys are worry-free. Let's explore why an extended warranty is a smart choice for your motorhome

Peace of Mind on the Road

Motorhomes are complex vehicles combining transportation and living quarters, making them more prone to wear and tear. An extended warranty covers unexpected repairs and maintenance, ensuring your adventures aren't halted by mechanical failures.

Protect Your Investment

Motorhomes are significant investments. Extended warranties safeguard against costly repairs, protecting your financial investment and maintaining your motorhome's value.

Why is it Important to Get Extended Warranty Coverage for Motorhomes?

Are Extended Warranties Worth It on Motorhomes?


Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Considering the high cost of motorhome repairs, an extended warranty can be a cost-effective solution. It provides coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty, covering major systems and appliances.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Warranty Direct Protect offers coverage for essential components like the engine, transmission, electrical systems, and more, ensuring most major repairs are covered. Most of our plans are exclusionary meaning everything is covered unless it is specifically excluded in the contract.

How Much Does an Extended Warranty Cost for a Motorhome?


Customized Pricing

The cost varies based on the motorhome's make, model, age, and mileage. Warranty Direct Protect offers customized plans to fit your specific needs and budget. Get us some information on your motorhome and we wil provide a simple to understand quote and easy process to complete your purchase

Motor Home


Transparent Costs

We provide clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, making it easier for you to plan your finances. Unlike most dealers we will send your contract to you, your pricing will be clear and we don't throw in hidden fees. 



Can I Save Money Buying from Warranty Direct Protect Instead of Purchasing at the Dealership?

Buying directly from Warranty Direct Protect often results in significant savings compared to dealership prices sometimes saving thousands of dollars. Dealerships typically mark up warranty prices to cover huge operations, whereas we offer competitive, direct-to-consumer rates and have minimized overhead giving you a huge discount.


Can I Get a Motorhome Extended Warranty if I Buy My Motorhome from a Private Sale?

Absolutely! Warranty Direct Protect offers extended warranties regardless of where you purchase your motorhome. Buying from a private seller? No problem. We've got you covered.

Can I Get a Motorhome Extended Warranty if I Buy a Motorhome from RV Trader?

Yes, You Can: Whether you purchase your motorhome from RV Trader or any other platform, Warranty Direct Protect provides extended warranty options for all.


What Does an Exclusionary Extended Warranty Typically Cover on a Motorhome?

Broad Coverage: Our exclusionary extended warranty is comprehensive, covering almost all mechanical and electrical components except for a few exclusions. This includes the engine, transmission, air conditioning, heating, electrical systems, and more.

What is Not Covered by Motorhome Extended Warranty?

Routine Maintenance and Wear Items: The warranty does not cover routine maintenance (like oil changes), wear and tear items (like brake pads), cosmetic damages, or environmental damage.


Should I Buy a Motorhome Extended Warranty if I Have Motorhome Insurance?

Complementary Protection: While motorhome insurance covers accidents and damages from unforeseen events, an extended warranty covers mechanical breakdowns and failures. Together, they provide complete protection for your motorhome.

Covering Your Motorhome Has Some Big Advantages to Cost, Time and Headache

An extended warranty from Warranty Direct Protect is a wise investment for your motorhome. It offers peace of mind, financial protection, and ensures that your adventures continue uninterrupted. Ready to explore with confidence? Contact us today to find the perfect plan for your motorhome.

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