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Warranty Direct Protect Exclusionary Motorhome Extended Warranty 

Motorhome traveling the US

Designed For Pre-owned Motorhomes & New Motorhome owners who want more than 60 months of coverage

Warranty Direct Protect's Exclusionary Motorhome Extended Warranty Coverage

This coverage provides for the repair/replacement of all factory and dealer-installed original mechanical equipment on the covered vehicle except for the regular exclusions. 


  1. You get the most coverage available, even items you don't know to get covered

  2. It can be used anywhere in the U.S. or Canada

  3. Access to the largest mobile RV Technition network in the U.S or Canada

  4. Priority Response Emergency Roadside, towing, pet boarding substitute transportation, and lodging  benefits at no additional cost

  5. 5-star administrator

  6. A - Rated insurance backing

  7. A dedicated claims team with your own advocate/consultant and access to a 24-hour legal helpline so you always know your rights. 


  1. The dealer sometimes gets upset because they can't provide the same high-quality coverage for the low direct-to-consumer price that we can

  2. Cost is higher than stated coverage because it covers all eligible equipment

Pros & Cons of Warranty Direct Protect Wrap Coverage For Motorhomes

Coverage Highlights For Warranty Direct Protect Exclusionary Motorhome Extended Warranty

  The Most Coverage

The Best Value

The exclusinary plan is the most comprehensive plan you can get for RV breakdowns. It costs less then getting each item covered individulaly and can prevent out of pocket costs when a breakdown occurs.

Dollar Bills

   After the first year of ownership

The Home part of the Motorhome

Most people think the coach portion of the RV costs less to fix than the drivetrain or chassis. From a statistical standpoint this is actually false. One Horror story after another from the "self insures" can attest to this fact. Just the current technology used just for the slide-outs, the need to actually remove the whole slide-out to get certain appliances in and out, the need to use large equipment to remove the slide-out, as well as the $30,000 computer system required to calibrate the motors to get the slide back in are alone is just one of the many ways repairs can cost $10,000 plus. Having an exclusionary plan prevents you from paying for this type of breakdown and limits your exposure to just a few hundred dollars while keeping your travel plans on track.

  After the 3rd year of coverage

The Drivetrain and Chassis

Even though your chances of engine and transmission problems statistically are less likely than appliance and slide-out breakdowns, they still do occur, and the costs fall from $15,000 at the low end to $50,000 on the higher end. The chassis also has a number of items that can be extremely costly if you suffer a breakdown, such as the dash AC or an alternator. Fixing these issues can often easily fall in the thousands to $10,000 range, depending on where they are located and what other parts have to be removed to access them. You can avoid these liabilities easily by having an exclusionary motorhome policy from Warranty Direct Protect.

   Complementary Coverage

For The Unexpected

What about the other costs that result from an unexpected breakdown?

  • Emergency Roadside

  • Towing

  • Hotel Rooms

  • Meal Expenses

  • Food Spoilage

We provide supplemental coverage for these issues because we know how hard a breakdown can be. You can rest easy knowing this is covered, too!

Bike Repair Shop

   We just offer more

The Largest Network of Mobile RV Technicians in the U.S. or Canada

We took our customer service to the next level by securing a network of technicians who can get our customers back on the road in less time than anyone else. 

Everthing Else You Need

Optional Coverages

  • Key replacement

  • Tire & Wheel Coverage

  • Commercial Use

Signing a Contract

WDP Exclusionary Motorhome Coverage Sample Contract

WDP Exclusionary Motorhome Coverage Booklete

What to do when the unthinkable happens

When a breakdown occurs, the number one thing to do is to get everyone safe. Once that has been established, you need to secure the vehicle's safety and ensure no further damage will occur. Usually, this is simply just turning off the item malfunctioning and not using it until a professional has had a chance to check it out. Sometimes how ever you will be required to use road flairs and reflectors to make your RV conspicuous to other traffic on the road. 

If you are in an emergency situation and need roadside assistance, you should contact your emergency roadside provider. We offer supplemental roadside assistance and towing. Call 1-855-750-2165 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Engine Mechanic

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim is easy. All you have to do is call Claims Service at 1-833-487-5447 for instructions before You get a mobile tech or deliver Your Vehicle to a licensed repair facility. If emergency repairs, covered by this Agreement, are required outside normal business hours (i.e., on a weekend or holiday), You should deliver Your Vehicle to a licensed repair facility or have a mobile technician do the necessary repairs performed on
Your vehicle On the next business day or as soon as
reasonably possible, You must report the repairs by calling the Claims Service at 1-833-487-5447 in order to
receive reimbursement for such emergency repairs. 

How To Get Paid For Trip Interuption Benifits

If your trip went awry and you need additional assistance with food, lodging, or substitute transportation, keep the receipts and call 1-833- 487-5447 to set up your reimbursement. 

Family in Pool
Signing a Contract

What if you sell your motorhome?

If you sell your motorhome, you can transfer coverage to the new owner, making your RV all that more valuable on the open market.


If they do not want the coverage, you can cancel and get a prorated refund.


If you trade in for another RV, we can cancel the policy for you and immediately apply the refund to a new policy for the new RV. 

Easy Ways to Get a Free Quote

This policy is a great option if you are buying a new or slightly pre-owned gas or diesel motorhome. It can give you the top level of coverage for a fraction of the price. However, if you feel you will own it for longer than 3 - 5 years, then full exclusionary may be a better option.

Call us at 1-844-730-4730, have us call you in 60 seconds or less by clicking the button below, or get an easy online quote today. 

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