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Top Premium RV Warranties With Direct To Consumer Prices Up to 70% OFF

Saving a Huge amount of money on RV repairs
Get personalized plans for you and your specific RV Needs!

A - Rated extended warranties and service contracts 
Direct-to-consumer prices so you save up to 70%!

Best customer service in the industry
With U.S. Based call centers and the largest network of
mobile techs in the U.S. or Canada

Happy Customer for Warranty Direct Protect

Sam Adams

"I can not believe how much money they have saved me from the dealer on a used 2014 Coachmen Prizm RV warranty. They only charged me half of the original quote I got from the dealer! I had a breakdown within the first month of coverage and they paid it no questions asked no hassles. They truly are a pleasure to deal with."

Family Camping

100% Lowest Price Guaranteed! 

Better Coverage For Less

At Warranty Direct Protect, we have gotten the "Warranty Pitch" ourselves at the regular retail outlets just to find out we overpaid and they underdelivered on customer service.


Our mission at Warranty Direct Protect is to offer customers a better alternative to traditional retail warranties with more value and the best customer service experience in the industry.


We believe in getting better every day in every way and we use all avenues available to achieve this because our customers deserve it.


You don't have to take our word for it either.


Our happy customers are everywhere.   

24/7 roadside assistance for peace of mind

Transferable warranties to boost your RV's resale value

Expedited claims processing for hassle-free support

No hidden fees or surprise costs

Coverage for all RV types, from Class A to travel trailers

The largest Network of mobile techs in the U.S. or Canada


Discover How Much You Can Save On Your Extended RV Warranty: Easy as 1-2-3!

Customer Testimonial for Warranty Direct Protect

Glenda Norris

"They made the process of purchasing an extended warranty on my Tiffin Zepher easy and stress-free. They went through the contract with me, highlighted what pertained to my specific RV's coverage, called the administrator so I would know what to expect, and explained what my responsibilities would be. As a result, when my slide-out failed I knew exactly what to do. No anxiety and no long waits. I was back to camping in no time "

*It only takes a few minutes to get RV coverage!


Our Top-Rated RV Extended Warranty Plans Are Catered To Your Unique Needs

We believe that every RV owner deserves the best possible warranty coverage at an affordable price. That’s why we offer a range of options to help you find the perfect plan for your needs.

Hit the road with confidence and cash in your pocket 

We've sold over 10,000 RVs and policies. Using our experience and industry leverage to put the best policy options at the absolute LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED! Bring us anyone's contract price and we'll beat it! 

Camper Van

Secure Your Next RV Adventure With Our Top-Rated Extended Warranty Services

When you get your extended RV Warranty from us, you:

Enjoy worry-free travels and adventures on the road!

Protect your RV against unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs,

Save big on RV warranty coverage with our wholesale prices!

Boost your RV's resale value.

Have peace of mind knowing you're covered by the best RV warranty service around!

Travel adventures with family and friends are enjoyed more!

Why Choose Warranty Direct Protect? 

How Is Warranty Direct Protect up to 70% less expensive than the dealership? It's simple, we cut out all the costs and passed on the savings. Not having HUGE overhead means we can sell for the

With increased costs and sales competition, finance departments at big dealerships have to be a huge profit center. At Warranty Direct Protect we've streamlined all of our costs so we can sell you better coverage at a lower cost. Dealerships with charge thousands of dollars in markup and we simply don't have to by selling directly to you. Get a quote today and compare. 

"...the quote was almost unbelievable..."

I had to call because when I got the quote it was so low. The quote was almost unbelievable but after going through what Warranty Direct offered and what the dealership had in a no hassle consultation I got better coverage and saved over $4,000. 


- Claire

" was no pressure and super easy... "

"When we bought our RV the finance guy was very pushy about signed for fully protected coverage. Luckily we just got a copy and told him we needed to do some research. When we talked to Warranty Direct it was no pressure and super easy. We read everything, signed and paid online from our computer. They were patient and answered all our questions."


- Larry

"...Their prices mind blowing..."

"The dealer charged gave us a policy on our diesel pusher for $24,000. When we contacted Scott we were able to get the same policy for $7,000. We saved $17,000 for the exact same coverage."

*Lowest Price Guaranteed - 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked

Travel Trailer Camping

Expensive Repairs Covered

Don't let expensive repairs keep your RV in the garage. 

90%+ of RVs will have a major repair needed by the 7th year on the road. With repair facilities charging over $169/hr things can get expensive fast. DId you know the rule of thumb is twice the hour cost is average for parts also? Thats over $500/hr to repair an RV!! 

Why should you buy coverage before something breaks? 

  • It is the least expensive to purchase coverage today vs. tomorrow

  • Your RV is getting older every day 

  • Repair costs are continually going up with RV demand

  • There is a major shortage of RV technicians

  • You bought your RV to enjoy it, not look at it needing repairs

Testimonial for Best RV Extended Warranty


"I did not realize how expensive it is to fix an RV and how long it takes the repair facility. With my extended warranty, the repair shop always gets me right in and handles everything so I can get back on the road."


At Warranty Direct Protect We Do Everything With the RVer in Mind First. Lower Prices, Great Customer Service,
Honest Conversations

We Lover RVers and They Love Us. Everything We Do is To Help RVers Do What They Love. That Means More Money to Travel, Getting Their RV Repaired Quickly, and Back On the Road to Make Memories 

"... very happy we decided to look online..."

"We were so excited to buy our first RV that when we went to the dealership we almost signed all the paperwork. The payment wasn't much more for the warranty. We decided to wait and do some research and we are very happy we decided to look online first. We saved $1,500."

"...they treated me like a person..."

"My favorite thing about the guys at Warranty Direct is they took the time to answer my questions and also gave me information I hadn't even considered. Weird in today's world but I was appreciative that they actually treated me like a person and not just a sale."

"...Signed and paid from my phone...."

"Once we decided to move forward with them we were sent the contract via email to sign and get a copy. Then we signed and paid from my phone. Could not have been easier and our first claim was a breeze. The repair shop was impressed too."

Image by Hanson Lu

Free money? Well not quite FREE money but borrow at 0% interest to finance your contract. Ask us how it works! 

We partner with the best of the best for premium financing. We have options for 0% financing, longer payment terms to lower your monthly payments and zero pre-payment penalties.  

0% Interest Coverage Plans

Lowest monthly payments

The highest rated warranty administrators and policies

Picture of Good Review by Warranty Direct Protect Customer


The guys at Warranty Direct Protect helped me get an extended warranty on my RV without the pushy hassle that the guy at the dealership tried to pull on me. This is my 6th RV so I've seen all the tricks these dealers try to pull. The guys at Warranty Direct Protect renewed my faith that there's good people out there, selling a good product at a fair price. 


  • Is RV Extended Warranty and RV Insurance the Same Thing?
    No, they're different. RV insurance covers damage or loss due to accidents, theft, or natural disasters, while an RV extended warranty covers repair costs for specific parts and systems after the manufacturer's warranty expires.
  • Do I Need Both RV Insurance and an RV Extended Warranty?
    Yes, for complete protection. RV insurance is often mandatory and covers external damages, while an extended warranty covers costly internal repairs, making them complementary
  • How Much Does an Extended Warranty Cost for an RV?
    The cost varies widely, typically ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the RV's age, model, and the coverage extent.
  • How Long Is a Typical RV Extended Warranty?
    RV extended warranties usually range from one to seven years, varying based on the provider and the specific plan chosen.
  • Are RV Repairs Expensive?
    Yes, RV repairs can be costly, especially for major components like engines or transmission systems, making extended warranties a valuable investment.
  • What Does RV Extended Warranty Cover?
    It typically covers major mechanical and electrical components, including the engine, transmission, HVAC, and electrical systems, but specifics vary by plan.
  • What Is Not Covered by an RV Extended Warranty?
    Routine maintenance, wear and tear items, cosmetic damage, and environmental damage are generally not covered.
  • What Does the RV Extended Warranty Exclude?
    Exclusions often include pre-existing conditions, damage from lack of maintenance, and damage from accidents or environmental factors.
  • Is It Cheaper to Buy an RV Extended Warranty from RV Direct Protect or the Dealer?
    Buying from RV Direct Protect can often be more cost-effective than purchasing from a dealer, as dealers may include additional markups.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty If I Already Own My RV?
    Yes, you can purchase an RV extended warranty for an already-owned RV, though options may vary based on the RV's age and condition.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty if I'm Buying an RV on RV Trader?
    Yes, you can buy an RV extended warranty when purchasing an RV on RV Trader. It's advisable to explore warranty options that suit the specific RV you're interested in for added protection.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty if I Am Buying the RV from a Private Party?
    Absolutely. Purchasing an RV extended warranty is possible and recommended when buying from a private party to safeguard against unforeseen repair costs.
  • Should I Get an RV Inspection Before Buying the RV and Getting the RV Extended Warranty?
    Definitely. Getting an RV inspection before purchase and warranty acquisition is crucial. It ensures the RV is in good condition and helps in determining the most suitable extended warranty coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Extended Warranties

Warranty Direct Protect is Here for You the RVer. Plain and Simple. 

The most trusted source for RV extended warranty knowledge, customer service and products. Talk to us and you'll see the difference. 

We built this company for RVers for one single purpose - Give the best coverage, with the best customer service for the lowest price in the industry. 

We've sold thousand of RVs prior to starting this company. We can help you with information as an un-biased source. 

Coverage throughout the United States and Canada. We also have the largest database of mobile technicians we can share with you to keep you camping and out of the RV repair shop! 

We can't stop your RV from breaking down but we can change what happens when it breaks. We're hear to help you, guide you and keep you from paying expensive unexpected repair bills! 

100% Money Back Guaranteed Lowest Price RV Extended Warranty

RV Type

Get a quote today and See How Much We Can Save You! 

We are the original RV extended warranty company built for RVers.
See what makes us different today! 

We're ready to serve you and get you camping with confidence! 

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