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RV Trader Extended Warranty

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   It's Never Been Easier or Better for Used RV Extended Warranties

Secure Your Peace of Mind with Extended Warranties for Private Party and RVTrader RV Purchases from Warranty Direct Protect

Navigating the world of private party and RVTrader RV purchases can be thrilling yet daunting. That's where Warranty Direct Protect steps in. We specialize in offering RV Extended Warranties for RVs bought through private sales and RVTrader, ensuring that your adventure is backed by unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Now you can get A+rated coverage for Used RVs. 

RV Extended Warranties Explained

An extended warranty is your safety net against unexpected repair costs, especially crucial for RVs purchased outside traditional dealerships. It's not just a warranty; it's your assurance of a worry-free RV experience.

Busting Myths about RV Extended Warranty

Contrary to popular belief, securing an extended warranty for an RV bought through a private party or RVTrader is not only possible but also advisable. Warranty Direct Protect specializes in these types of purchases, offering comprehensive coverage plans tailored to your unique needs.


How to Secure an Extended Warranty for Your RVTrader or Private Sale RV

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The Crucial Role of an RV Inspection

Before finalizing your warranty, a thorough RV inspection is essential, especially for private and RVTrader purchases. Warranty Direct Protect can assist in coordinating a detailed inspection, ensuring your RV is in perfect condition for its extended warranty. Motorhome Extended Warranty and Travel Trailer Extended Warranty each have their own specifications, nuances and important differences. We suggest speaking to one of our specialist RV consultants PRIOR to your purchase. 

Specialized Warranties for RVTrader and Private Sale RVs

Our services are uniquely crafted for RVTrader and private sale RV owners. We understand the nuances of these purchases and offer warranties that provide comprehensive, reliable coverage

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Effortless Warranty Claims Process

Our claim process is designed for convenience and efficiency, particularly for RVTrader and private sale warranties. Our team is committed to a smooth, supportive experience, ensuring you're back on your journey swiftly.


  • Is RV Extended Warranty and RV Insurance the Same Thing?
    No, they're different. RV insurance covers damage or loss due to accidents, theft, or natural disasters, while an RV extended warranty covers repair costs for specific parts and systems after the manufacturer's warranty expires.
  • Do I Need Both RV Insurance and an RV Extended Warranty?
    Yes, for complete protection. RV insurance is often mandatory and covers external damages, while an extended warranty covers costly internal repairs, making them complementary
  • How Much Does an Extended Warranty Cost for an RV?
    The cost varies widely, typically ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the RV's age, model, and the coverage extent.
  • How Long Is a Typical RV Extended Warranty?
    RV extended warranties usually range from one to seven years, varying based on the provider and the specific plan chosen.
  • Are RV Repairs Expensive?
    Yes, RV repairs can be costly, especially for major components like engines or transmission systems, making extended warranties a valuable investment.
  • What Does RV Extended Warranty Cover?
    It typically covers major mechanical and electrical components, including the engine, transmission, HVAC, and electrical systems, but specifics vary by plan.
  • What Is Not Covered by an RV Extended Warranty?
    Routine maintenance, wear and tear items, cosmetic damage, and environmental damage are generally not covered.
  • What Does the RV Extended Warranty Exclude?
    Exclusions often include pre-existing conditions, damage from lack of maintenance, and damage from accidents or environmental factors.
  • Is It Cheaper to Buy an RV Extended Warranty from RV Direct Protect or the Dealer?
    Buying from RV Direct Protect can often be more cost-effective than purchasing from a dealer, as dealers may include additional markups.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty If I Already Own My RV?
    Yes, you can purchase an RV extended warranty for an already-owned RV, though options may vary based on the RV's age and condition.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty if I'm Buying an RV on RV Trader?
    Yes, you can buy an RV extended warranty when purchasing an RV on RV Trader. It's advisable to explore warranty options that suit the specific RV you're interested in for added protection.
  • Can I Buy an RV Extended Warranty if I Am Buying the RV from a Private Party?
    Absolutely. Purchasing an RV extended warranty is possible and recommended when buying from a private party to safeguard against unforeseen repair costs.
  • Should I Get an RV Inspection Before Buying the RV and Getting the RV Extended Warranty?
    Definitely. Getting an RV inspection before purchase and warranty acquisition is crucial. It ensures the RV is in good condition and helps in determining the most suitable extended warranty coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions - Private Sale RV Extended Warranty

Choosing Warranty Direct Protect for your private sale or RVTrader RV means choosing confidence and security. Let us handle the unexpected, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories.

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