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Can you buy an extended warranty for a used RV?

Yes you can purchase a warranty on a used RV
A used RV overlooks a scenic lake and mountain

Purchasing an extended warranty for a used RV from Warranty Direct Protect (WDP) is not only a wise decision but also a convenient and cost-effective one. When buying a used RV, whether privately, from RV Trader, or from a dealership, the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns is inherently higher compared to new models. This increased risk is due to factors like wear and tear, the age of the vehicle, and the uncertain maintenance history of the RV. WDP understands these risks and tailors its warranty plans to provide comprehensive protection against such eventualities. Get a Quote for RV Extended Warranty Here

Convenience of Purchase:

  • Private Party or Dealership: WDP offers the flexibility to purchase an extended warranty whether you buy your used RV through a private seller or a dealership. This flexibility is crucial as it allows you to secure protection regardless of where you find your ideal RV.

  • Easy and Quick Quoting Process: WDP streamlines the warranty purchase process. You can quickly receive a quote online or through a simple phone call, making the process both easy and time-efficient. This immediate access to information and assistance greatly simplifies decision-making.

Cost Savings:

  • WDP vs. Dealership Warranties: Often, warranties offered by dealerships can be more expensive due to additional markups. WDP, on the other hand, provides competitive pricing, offering significant savings without compromising on the extent of coverage. Their direct-to-consumer approach eliminates middleman costs, allowing these savings to be passed on to you.

  • Protection Against Costly Repairs: Given the higher likelihood of mechanical issues in used RVs, an extended warranty can save you substantial amounts in potential repair costs. These savings can be particularly significant in the long term as older RV components become more prone to failure.

The Process with WDP:

  • Assessment and Coverage Customization: The process begins with an assessment of your RV's condition, which might include a simple inspection. Based on this, WDP offers a variety of coverage options, ensuring that you get a plan that's tailored to your specific needs and the RV’s condition.

  • Transparent and Straightforward: WDP is known for its transparent and straightforward approach. From clear terms and conditions to a no-hassle claims process, they ensure you fully understand your coverage and how to use it.

Choosing an extended warranty for your used RV through Warranty Direct Protect is a prudent decision that combines ease, affordability, and comprehensive protection. The higher likelihood of breakdowns in used RVs, coupled with the cost-effectiveness and convenience of WDP's services, makes it an ideal choice for RV owners looking to secure their investment and enjoy peace of mind during their travels. To start the process and quickly get a quote, simply visit WDP's website or contact their customer service team.


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