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What is the main difference between a manufacturer and an extended boat warranty?

Difference between manufacturer and extended boat warranty

When comparing manufacturer and extended boat warranties, the key differences revolve around coverage length, scope, and flexibility. Learn more about Boat Extended Warranties offered by Warranty Direct Protect.

1. Coverage Length: Manufacturer warranties are typically included with the purchase of a new boat and cover a set period, often limited to a few years. In contrast, extended warranties, such as those offered by Warranty Direct Protect (WDP), can be purchased to extend coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. This is particularly useful for boat owners looking to safeguard their investment over a longer time.

2. Scope of Coverage: Manufacturer warranties usually cover defects in materials and workmanship but may not include wear and tear or other issues that arise from regular use. Extended warranties, on the other hand, can offer more comprehensive coverage. WDP, for instance, provides extended boat warranties that cover a wide range of parts and potential problems, including those not typically covered under standard manufacturer warranties.

3. Flexibility and Additional Benefits: Extended warranties often come with added benefits and services. For example, WDP offers features such as easy application processes, quick quote generation, and an extensive network of service providers. This flexibility and the additional support are often not available with standard manufacturer warranties.

4. Transferability: Extended warranties might offer the option to transfer the warranty to a new owner, which can be a selling point if you decide to sell your boat. Manufacturer warranties, however, are typically non-transferable.

5. Cost and Value: While extended warranties represent an additional cost, they can provide significant value in the long run, especially if major repairs are needed after the manufacturer's warranty expires. WDP focuses on offering competitive pricing and excellent value in their extended boat warranty plans, ensuring peace of mind for boat owners.

Most manufacturer warranties provide basic coverage for new boats, extended warranties from providers like WDP offer longer, more comprehensive coverage, enhanced flexibility, and additional benefits, making them a valuable investment for long-term boat ownership.

For specific details about WDP’s boat warranty options and how they compare to manufacturer warranties, click here to get a customized quote for your Boat Extended Warranty


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